Wednesday, September 21, 2016

where to go after defeating maeve

after defeating maeve go to the to the town and talk to the kid and after that go to the place where you 1st saw maeve which is the forest, just roam around there till you find a portal

how to finish the final puzzle in rainbow mines

first move the bluestone to the west touching the other bluestone for both to disappear then move the redstone to the north touching the other redstone or both to be gone and move the other redstone below and push it to the south to be gone too then push the last redstone which is between the yelowstones,push it  to the west to touch the other redstone, now go south and push the yelow stone to the west for it to dissappear too then finally push the bluestone to the north to open the pathway

where is the 4 saints item?

to find the four saints item you need to go to estard and from there go east and you will find the earth and fire graves, go to the tomnbs and you will find the saints items there

to find the other 2 saint item, just go further north and and you will the other saints tomb wherein you will find the other saints item

what to do after dermont the hermit?

find prince kiefer at castle estard

where is dermont the hermit?

you can find dermont the hermit in estard, from estard itself, find a stair going down on estard main village not the castle and through there you can find his house at the edge of estard

where is prince kiefer? when the king asked you to find him

prince kiefer is in the ruins  east of the world map just go to the east and you will find a new map then go north of that map and you will find prince kiefer there

what to do in pilchard bay at start of the game?

go to your home and sleep then go to the ship and find maribel hiding inside the ship then get out and a castle guard will talk to you saying you have been summoned in estard castle